The thirteenth episode of Bandai’s FUN! DigiCa YouTube series pits Hideyoshi and Cody against one another in a remote match using decks made from two Gaia Red and two Cocytus Blue decks combined, plus assorted promotional cards. This is their first match with sleeved cards, using the War Greymon and Metal Garurumon sleeves that launched alongside the first Starter Decks. As with the previous episode, this episode was filmed remotely as part of a stay-at-home recommendation from the Japanese government, due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic. Spoilers for the match follow after the cut.

Cody’s deck

Hideyoshi’s deck

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The eighth episode of Bandai’s FUN! DigiCa YouTube series features a Q&A session where Hideyoshi and Cody answer fans’ questions about the rules. A list of rulings is provided below.

  • When evolving a Digimon, the player draws a card for evolution before any “When evolving” effects are resolved. So when Angewomon evolves from a Level 3, her player draws a card before her healing effect is resolved.
  • You can build decks from multiple colors.
  • If a Digimon is affected by Sorrow Blue, and then evolves, Sorrow Blue’s effect persists on it, preventing it from attacking or blocking.
  • Even if an Option Card has no valid targets, you can still play it just to pay its Memory cost and manipulate the Memory Gauge.
  • “When it attacks” effects resolve before damage calculation. So for example, Metal Garurumon makes itself Active before Security are checked.
  • A Digimon with a Security Attack of 0 (through effects like Holy Flame) cannot win the game by attacking the opponent directly.
  • All current effects must be resolved before a turn can end. If a Digimon with <<Security Attack +X>> reveals a card like Hammer Spark that makes the opponent’s Memory 1 or greater, the remaining Security checks are still performed before the turn ends. (Just like when a blocker attacks.)
  • If Holy Flame is revealed for the first Security check by a Digimon that has <<Security Attack +2>>, the remaining Security check does not happen because the Digimon has just had its number of Security Attacks reduced to 1.
  • <<Security Attack +1>> effects are not optional, and must be fulfilled as much as possible. If there are multiple effects with the same timing, their player may choose the order they resolve in.
  • Effects with read “you may” or “you can” (ใงใใ‚‹) are optional.
  • Digitama in the Raising Area allow you to use Option Cards of the same color, just as a Digimon or Tamer Card in the Battle Area would. (For example, if you have Tsunomon face-up in your Raising Area, you can use Hammer Spark.)
  • When both the turn player and the opponent have effects with the same timing, the turn player has priority in resolving their effects first.
  • Zudomon‘s “When evolving” effect must destroy as many Evolution Sources as possible, up to a maximum of 2. If the opponent has 2 Evolution Sources on the Digimon you’ve chosen for the effect, both of them must go—you cannot choose to destroy only 1.
  • You are allowed to check the number of cards remaining in the opponent’s deck, and the contents of their Trash. This information is public.