A leaked sales sheet for the fourth Digimon booster set, GREAT LEGEND, was shared by Malaysian Twitter user Jimi Hiew yesterday. According to the sales sheet, BT-4 will launch December 18th in Japan, and comprise 115 cards: 44 Commons, 30 Uncommons, 26 Rares, 12 Super Rares, and 3 Secret Rares.

The set will feature support for Digimon with “Greymon” in the name, including War Greymon, Shine Greymon, and Victory Greymon—the last of which has yet to get a card in the TCG proper. Unlike past sales sheets, BT-4’s cover art reuses existing card artwork instead of showing new ones. The set’s cover cards both come from BT-2: ULTIMATE POWER.

Like all of the preceding booster sets, it will include alternate-artwork Parallel Tamer Cards as box toppers.

The thirteenth episode of Bandai’s FUN! DigiCa YouTube series pits Hideyoshi and Cody against one another in a remote match using decks made from two Gaia Red and two Cocytus Blue decks combined, plus assorted promotional cards. This is their first match with sleeved cards, using the War Greymon and Metal Garurumon sleeves that launched alongside the first Starter Decks. As with the previous episode, this episode was filmed remotely as part of a stay-at-home recommendation from the Japanese government, due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic. Spoilers for the match follow after the cut.

Cody’s deck

Hideyoshi’s deck

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From the official Japanese Twitter account.

Brave Shield

Card NumberBT1-095Level
Card TypeOptionPlay Cost5
ColorRedEvolution Cost
Digimon TypeDP
StageArtistsatsuki may
Main Effect[Main] Make 1 of your Digimon Active. Until the end of your opponent’s next turn, that Digimon gets <<Blocker>>. (When your opponent’s Digimon attacks, if this Digimon is Active, you may make it the target of that attack by Resting it.)
Security Effect[Security] Make 1 of your Digimon Active. Until the end of this turn, that Digimon gets <<Blocker>>. (When your opponent’s Digimon attacks, if this Digimon is Active, you may make it the target of that attack by Resting it.)

Brave Tornado

Card NumberBT1-093Level
Card TypeOptionPlay Cost3
ColorRedEvolution Cost
Digimon TypeDP
StageArtistshigeo niwa
Main Effect[Main] During this turn, 1 of your Digimon gets +2000 DP and <<Security Attack +1>>. (Increase the number of Security this Digimon checks by +1.)
Security Effect[Security] Add this card to your hand.

Booster 1 launches in Japan on May 15th, 2020.

The tenth episode of Bandai’s FUN! DigiCa YouTube series is the first to feature a mixed-color deck, with Cody playing a combined Blue/Yellow deck against Hideyoshi’s mono-red.

Cody combining cards from the second and third Starter Decks, Cocytus Blue and Heaven’s Yellow:

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The sixth episode of Bandai’s FUN! DigiCa video series covered a demonstration of the Heaven’s Yellow Starter Deck against Gaia Red. Following up from the previous episode‘s Cocytus Blue matchup, the series once again had Hideyoshi piloting Gaia Red while Cody took the chance to try something new.

(Spoilers for the match follow)

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Episode 2 of Bandai’s FUN! DigiCa YouTube series displayed the full list of cards included in Starter Deck 1: Gaia Red, including the new Option Card, Giga Destroyer. The deck contains 54 cards rather than the 53 originally announced, including a playset of the deck’s Digitama Card, Koromon.

The most important detail is that each Gaia Red deck will come with only two copies of its Super Rare—meaning to have a full playset of War Greymon, players will need to purchase two Starter Decks. The same likely holds true for the other launch Starter Decks, Cocytus Blue and Heaven’s Yellow.

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The first four official character sleeves for the 2020 Digimon Card Game were revealed via an index card in the first promo packs. Wave 1 will feature War Greymon, Metal Garurumon, Holy Angemon, and Angewomon, all of which figure prominently in the first Starter Decks.

The sleeves will launch March 13th for 650 yen each. Every pack of sleeves will contain 60 sleeves, providing enough for a 50-card deck plus replacements. The sleeves are Standard-sized, with similar dimensions to Magic: The Gathering, Duel Masters, and Pokémon.

An older and younger brother play the 2020 Digimon card game in Bandai’s concept trailer.

In a livestream aired at 3 AM Pacific Standard Time, Bandai Namco revealed several upcoming promotional cards for the 2020 Digimon Card Game, and also showed a 2020 concept trailer for the entire Digimon franchise that revealed two more Digimon effects from the upcoming TCG. Bandai also opened an official Digimon Card Game Twitter account shortly before the livestream aired, where it gave us our first look at the product packaging for the Starter Decks “Gaia Red,” “Cocytus Blue,” and “Heaven’s Yellow.” The header for the Twitter account–which also appears as the illustration for the game’s first promo pack–suggests V-mon, Liollmon, Kokuwamon, Betamon, Tentomon, Dracomon, Plotmon, Goblimon, Pico Devimon, Patamon, and Guilmon, are all coming to the card game.

The header for the official Twitter account.

The Starter Decks are on-schedule to launch in April at 500 yen per deck. The packaging states that the game is for ages 9-and-up, which is noticeably higher than the current standard for TCGs: Yu-Gi-Oh!, Pokémon, Buddyfight, and Cardfight!! Vanguard are all recommended for children 6-and-up.

New card reveals

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