Bandai announced today that an English localization of the 2020 Digimon Card Game will launch in January 2021, with a “special booster” that combines Booster Set 1: NEW EVOLUTION, Booster Set 2: ULTIMATE POWER, and Booster Set 3: UNION IMPACT into a single 187-card base set titled Special Booster 1.0.

Printing only 187 cards from those three sets leaves out 152 cards, which will be included in a follow-up Special Booster, 1.5. Bandai put out an official Facebook page for the game, along with a new “” domain, different from the “” domain used for the game’s Asian-English website.

Special Booster 1.0 booster packs have double the number of cards of a Japanese pack, with 12 cards in every pack. Booster boxes still contain 24 packs each, for a total of 288 cards per box. It has not been stated how many boxes are in one wholesale carton, but if it’s also 12 boxes as per the Japanese edition, then that’s 3,456 cards per carton—exactly double the number of cards in a Japanese carton. The price per pack is also doubled from the Japanese release, $3.99 before tax versus 180 yen.

The Starter Decks Gaia Red, Cocytus Blue, and Heaven’s Yellow will launch in English simultaneous to the Special Booster. A special prerelease sale will be held at select stores in November 2020 where all four products will be available ahead of their street date. An English version of the tutorial app is also in the works.

The Starter Decks do change the game’s recommended age rating—in Japan the decks are labeled for ages 9 and up, while in North America the decks are labeled for ages 6 and up.

The launch trailer for the English card game notably uses the name “Tai Kamiya” for Yagami Taichi, even though the official subtitles for the 2020 Digimon Adventure: anime use “Taichi Yagami”—the card game preserves a 20-year-old misreading of the 八神 kanji.

The 2020 anime reboot leaves Taichi’s name uncensored.

However, the Starter Deck names have gone unchanged, despite having dubbed equivalents—Gaia Red, Cocytus Blue, and Heaven’s Yellow are named after their respective Digimon’s attacks Gaia Force, Cocytus Breath, and Heaven’s Knuckle, which are normally dubbed as Terra Force, Metal Wolf Claw, and Hand of Fate.

As a translation of the Japanese game, the Digimon Card Network will continue to use the correct names.