The fifteenth episode of Bandai’s FUN! DigiCa YouTube series pits hosts Hideyoshi and Cody against each other in an unusually short remote match, using decks made from doubled-up Starter Decks with assorted promotional cards. The match highlights the importance of low-level Digimon to the game—a lack of Level 3s early on results in Hideyoshi struggling as Cody sets up an extremely threatening War Greymon.

Cody’s deck

Hideyoshi’s deck

On the fourteenth episode of Bandai’s FUN! DigiCa YouTube series, hosts Hideyoshi and Cody revealed six alternate artwork prints of Booster 1: NEW EVOLUTION‘s Super Rares, alongside the set’s two Secret Rares: a V-dramon and a Virus Metal Greymon. Both Digimon are particularly evocative for old school Digimon fans, as the viral Metal Greymon was an early franchise mascot used in the 1990s virtual pets and original Digimon World video game, while V-dramon starred in the Digimon V-Tamer 01 manga and served as a mascot for Digimon World 2.

The set’s alternate artwork cards cut away the borders of the frame so that the card artwork encompasses the entire space of the card. Their distribution rate was not stated, but they are likely rarer than the standard Super Rares.

Metal Greymon

Card NumberBT1-114Level5
Card TypeDigimonPlay Cost8
ColorRedEvolution Cost3
Digimon TypeCyborgDP9000
AttributeVirusRaritySecret Rare
StagePerfectArtistNaochika Morishita
Main Effect<<Security Attack +2>> (Increase the number of Security this Digimon checks by +2.)
[When it attacks] Memory -5.
Source Effect[During your turn] This Digimon gets +3000 DP.


Card NumberBT1-115Level4
Card TypeDigimonPlay Cost6
ColorBlueEvolution Cost3
Digimon TypeMythical DragonDP6000
AttributeVaccineRaritySecret Rare
Main Effect[When it attacks] [Once per turn] If you have a Tamer, make this Digimon Active.
Source Effect[During both turns] While you have a Blue Tamer, this Digimon gets +1000 DP.

Of note is that V-dramon can also be used for the effect of the V-Tamer 01 Yagami Taichi promotional card, out in the next issue of V Jump magazine. V-Tamer 01 will be having a special crossover manga chapter with the 2020 Digimon Adventure: anime reboot, though the anime is currently on hiatus as a result of Coronavirus closures.

From the official Japanese Twitter account, the final Super Rare of BT-01: NEW EVOLUTION. Holy Angemon was originally created for a 1998 chapter of the Digimon Adventure V-Tamer 01 manga, and a redesigned version later appeared in the 1999 Digital Monster Card Game, before being reused in the original Digimon Adventure anime as Patamon’s Perfect-level form.

Card NumberBT1-060Level5
Card TypeDigimonPlay Cost7
ColorYellowEvolution Cost3
Digimon TypeArchangelDP6000
AttributeVaccineRaritySuper Rare

Booster 1 will launch in Japan on May 15th, 2020.

From the official Japanese Twitter account, Lilymon’s signature move previously revealed on FUN! DigiCa.

Card NumberBT1-110Level
Card TypeOptionPlay Cost2
ColorGreenEvolution Cost
Digimon TypeDP
Main Effect[Main] Rest 1 of your opponent’s Digimon.
Source Effect[Security] Rest all of your opponent’s Digimon that do not have <<Blocker>>.

Booster 1 launches in Japan on May 15th, 2020.

The thirteenth episode of Bandai’s FUN! DigiCa YouTube series pits Hideyoshi and Cody against one another in a remote match using decks made from two Gaia Red and two Cocytus Blue decks combined, plus assorted promotional cards. This is their first match with sleeved cards, using the War Greymon and Metal Garurumon sleeves that launched alongside the first Starter Decks. As with the previous episode, this episode was filmed remotely as part of a stay-at-home recommendation from the Japanese government, due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic. Spoilers for the match follow after the cut.

Cody’s deck

Hideyoshi’s deck

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From the official Japanese Twitter account, Gomamon’s evolution first introduced in the 1998 Pendulum 2.0: Deep Savers virtual pet.

Card NumberBT1-034Level4
Card TypeDigimonPlay Cost5
ColorBlueEvolution Cost2
Digimon TypeMarine AnimalDP5000
Main Effect
Source Effect[During your turn] This Digimon cannot be blocked by your opponent’s Digimon with no Evolution Sources.

Booster 1 launches in Japan on May 15th, 2020.

From the official Japanese Twitter account, Cerberumon‘s signature attack.

Card NumberBT1-096Level
Card TypeOptionPlay Cost1
ColorBlueEvolution Cost
Digimon TypeDP
Main Effect[Main] During this turn, 1 of your Digimon gets +3000 DP.
Security Effect[Security] <<1 Draw>>. (Draw 1 card from your deck.) Then, add this card to your hand.

Booster 1 launches in Japan on May 15th, 2020.

The twelfth episode of Bandai’s FUN! DigiCa YouTube series introduced 8 new cards from Booster 1: NEW EVOLUTION, including the last Green Super Rare of the set. This is the first episode to be filmed remotely; in response to the Coronavirus outbreak many businesses in Japan are now operating under work-from-home conditions, and Bandai Namco is no exception. As a result, Hideyoshi and Cody filmed today’s episode from their homes.

Gran Kuwagamon

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The official Japanese Digimon TCG portal shared five full art prints of the Tamer Cards featured in Booster 1: NEW EVOLUTION. Every sealed box of BT01 will contain one of these cards inserted; their card numbers, names, and effects, are identical to their Rare prints in the set, but the artwork expands across the entire card frame and is finished with a parallel diagonal foil.

These are likely to become highly sought after once the set launches on May 15th, as competitive players seek to bling out their decks and collectors try to gather one of each card. The cards respectively feature Yagami Taichi, Ishida Yamato, Takaishi Takeru, Izumi Koushirou, and Tachikawa Mimi.