Premium Bandai opened preorders both in Japan and in the United States for the “Tamer’s Evolution Box”, a collection of hobby supplies comprising a rubber playmat, Memory Gauge, acrylic Memory Marker, card sleeves, deckbox, storage box, and 8 Parallel cards. These cards consist of alternate artwork prints of certain Starter Deck and Booster 1 Option Cards, with designs that fill the entire frame. Like other Parallel prints, they share the same set numbers and effects as those cards, making them functionally interchangeable.

The Memory Gauge, card sleeves, and deckbox are all are inspired by the Digimon virtual pet and Digivice dot matrix toys, with every box containing 5 Digitama Sleeves intended for a player’s Digitama Deck, and 50 Main Deck sleeves. The storage box and playmat are still being designed, and there are no product images for either of them yet. The Tamer’s Evolution Box orders for $70 in the US and 7700 yen in Japan. US preorders open at 3 AM Eastern Time on September 18th and close on November 1st at 9:59 PM EST. Japanese set orders close October 28th. US Evolution Boxes will ship in February 2021, while Japanese boxes will ship in January.


Digitama Sleeves

Deck Sleeves
Memory Gauge & acrylic Memory Marker

The cards included in the Tamer’s box are:

Main Effect
Source Effect[During your turn] While your opponent has a Digimon with no Evolution Sources, this Digimon gets <<Security Attack +1>>. (When this Digimon attacks Security, increase the number checked by 1.)

The official Digimon Card portal updated early this morning with the next set of Tamer Battle and Tamer Meet promotional cards.

Beginning in October, tournament winners will receive an alternate artwork Were Garurumon print from Starter Deck 2: Cocytus Blue. This Were Garurumon is identical to the Starter Deck version in effect and card number. The previous prize card was an alternate print of Metal Greymon.

Meanwhile the Tamer Meet shop events for October will feature a new Option Card, “A New World”, as the participation prize. Tamer Meets are more casual-oriented events than the competitive Tamer Battles, with an emphasis on having fun over competing to be the best. They consist of 2 hours of free battle participation, rather than a tournament structure.

A New World

Card NumberP-021Level
Card TypeOptionPlay Cost0
ColorGreenEvolution Cost
Digimon TypeDP
Main Effect[Main] If you have a “Tachikawa Mimi”, by placing 1 “Palmon” from your hand without paying the cost, return your “Tachikawa Mimi” to your hand.
Security Effect[Security] Add this card to your hand.

This card is the first of several to be adapted from popular Adventure, 02, tri., and Last Evolution Kizuna anime scenes voted in by fans through Digimon Web. The artwork is pulled directly from episode 54 of the 1999 Digimon Adventure TV anime, which is why the Chosen Children in the artwork do not use their reboot designs.

“A New World” creates an interesting combo for the Green deck; it allows a Green player to use Palmon‘s on-place effect for 0 cost, and (if they have enough Memory) use Mimi‘s Rest effect twice in one turn by first Resting her to activate it, then playing A New World to bounce her back to hand and play her again. This is easiest to do if Mimi was already in play when the turn began, and it requires the opponent to have given the Green player at least 4 Memory to pull off.

Bandai announced the first pack of promo cards for the 2020 Digimon Trading Card Game will be available in two methods: either packed in with the Last Evolution Kizuna “Complete Selection Animation” Digivice this June, or distributed with every five packs of the latest Battle Spirits TCG Collaboration Booster, Last Evolution.

A pack opening video by longtime fan Digimomyonyon demonstrates that the promo packs are non-random, with one copy of each card in every pack. The promo cards are all treated with a shear metallic foil that gives their borders a silver gloss effect.

Promotion Pack Ver 0.0’s card list includes:

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