The thirteenth episode of Bandai’s FUN! DigiCa YouTube series pits Hideyoshi and Cody against one another in a remote match using decks made from two Gaia Red and two Cocytus Blue decks combined, plus assorted promotional cards. This is their first match with sleeved cards, using the War Greymon and Metal Garurumon sleeves that launched alongside the first Starter Decks. As with the previous episode, this episode was filmed remotely as part of a stay-at-home recommendation from the Japanese government, due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic. Spoilers for the match follow after the cut.

Cody’s deck

Hideyoshi’s deck

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The ninth episode of Bandai’s FUN! DigiCa YouTube series features Hideyoshi and Cody respectively playing the Cocytus Blue and Heaven’s Yellow Starter Decks, out April 24th. The match is one of the closest—and longest—we’ve seen thus far.

(Spoilers for the match after the cut.)

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The first four official character sleeves for the 2020 Digimon Card Game were revealed via an index card in the first promo packs. Wave 1 will feature War Greymon, Metal Garurumon, Holy Angemon, and Angewomon, all of which figure prominently in the first Starter Decks.

The sleeves will launch March 13th for 650 yen each. Every pack of sleeves will contain 60 sleeves, providing enough for a 50-card deck plus replacements. The sleeves are Standard-sized, with similar dimensions to Magic: The Gathering, Duel Masters, and Pokémon.