From the official Japanese Twitter account, an alternate artwork of the V-dramon Secret Rare from Booster 1: NEW EVOLUTION. V-dramon was originally created for the 1998 manga Digimon Adventure V-Tamer 01, as were his evolutions Aero V-dramon and Ulforce V-dramon. This alternate artwork is based on an iconic scene from volume 1 chapter 7 of the manga, where under Taichi‘s instructions Zeromaru the V-dramon defeats the Perfect-level Triceramon by first weakening his outer armor with a V-Breath Arrow straight to the mouth, then punches through to finish him off.

Card NumberBT1-115Level4
Card TypeDigimonPlay Cost6
ColorBlueEvolution Cost3
Digimon TypeMythical DragonDP6000
AttributeVaccineRaritySecret Rare
Main Effect[When attacking] [Once per turn] When you have a Tamer, Activate this Digimon.
Source Effect[During both turns] While you have a Blue Tamer, this Digimon gets +1000 DP.

Booster 1 launches in Japan on May 15th, 2020.

Early leaked pages from monthly V Jump magazine reveal two new promotional cards: a Tamer Card featuring Yagami Taichi of the V-Tamer 01 manga, and a Digimon Card of his partner, Zeromaru the V-dramon. (Called “V-dramon Zero” on the card.) The cards will be included in next month’s issue, out May 21st.

V-Tamer 01 remains the longest-running Digimon manga of all time, having started in November 1998 four months before the start of Digimon Adventure and ended in August 2003, one month after Frontier finished. The manga was written by Izawa Hiroshi and illustrated by Yabuno Tenya, who also created the original design for Yagami Taichi later reused by the Adventure anime. Yabuno designed a number of famous Digimon for the manga, including Holy Angemon, Ulforce V-dramon, and Arkadimon.

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