The tenth episode of Bandai’s FUN! DigiCa YouTube series is the first to feature a mixed-color deck, with Cody playing a combined Blue/Yellow deck against Hideyoshi’s mono-red.

Cody combining cards from the second and third Starter Decks, Cocytus Blue and Heaven’s Yellow:

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The March 21st issue of V Jump magazine contains the detailed rules for the 2020 Digimon Card Game, out this April. The game is played with decks made up of exactly 50 cards containing Digimon, Tamer, and Option Cards, with an additional “Raising Area” set aside made up entirely of Digitama Cards. The exact limits of the Raising Area were not discussed, but the first Starter Decks come with three Digitama Cards and the sleeves launching alongside them especially for that zone number five in every pack. Up to 4 copies of any card with the same Card Number can be included in a deck.

There are four phases to a turn in the Digimon Card Game:

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