Japanese card shop Duel Guard leaked the release date and names for three new Starter Decks launching on November 27th: Giga Green, Venom Violet, and Mugen Black. Each deck will retail for 500 yen before tax. Each deck will contain 16 kinds of cards, similar to the first three: 7 Commons, 5 Uncommons, 3 Rares, and 1 Super Rare.

Duel Guard is an officially licensed shop in Chuuoumachi, Niigata prefecture. They leaked the news in order to begin taking preorders at their store. Their post was corroborated by Card Land Akihabara, which is also taking preorders for the decks. Similar to the situation with Booster Set 3—which is currently up for preorder on Amazon Japan—Bandai has not officially confirmed or denied the existence of the Starter Decks. The timing of the decks would place them roughly a month after UNION IMPACT is supposed to launch in Japan.

Japanese fans are treating the leak as real, and speculating based on the names that the cover cards will be new prints of Herakle Kabuterimon, Venom Vamdemon, and Mugendramon.

From the official Japanese Twitter account. This beetle Digimon first appeared in 1998 as one of three Ultimate-level Digimon in the Pendulum 1.0: Nature Spirits virtual pet, and for many years thereafter was treated as Tentomon’s natural Level 6 both in various trading cards and video games. Although named after the Hercules Beetle, Herakle Kabuterimon’s horns combine elements of the Stag and Hercules Beetles to create an imaginary “ultimate” beetle.

Card NumberBT1-081Level6
Card TypeDigimonPlay Cost12
ColorGreenEvolution Cost3
Digimon TypeInsectDP10000
AttributeVaccineRaritySuper Rare
StageUltimateArtistNakano Haito
Main Effect<<Piercing>> (During the battle this Digimon attacked, when it destroys an opponent’s Digimon, it checks Security.)
[At the end of its attack] [Twice per turn] By getting -3 Memory, you may make this Digimon Active.
Source Effect

Booster 1 launches in Japan on May 15th, 2020.

From the official Japanese Twitter account, Herakle Kabuterimon‘s finishing move in Option Card form.

Card NumberBT1-111Level
Card TypeOptionPlay Cost3
ColorGreenEvolution Cost
Digimon TypeDP
Main Effect[Main] Rest either 1 of your opponent’s Digimon, or 2 of their Digimon with 5000 or less DP.
Security Effect[Security] Activate this card’s [Main] effect.

Booster 1 launches in Japan May 15th, 2020.