From the official Japanese Twitter account. This beetle Digimon first appeared in 1998 as one of three Ultimate-level Digimon in the Pendulum 1.0: Nature Spirits virtual pet, and for many years thereafter was treated as Tentomon’s natural Level 6 both in various trading cards and video games. Although named after the Hercules Beetle, Herakle Kabuterimon’s horns combine elements of the Stag and Hercules Beetles to create an imaginary “ultimate” beetle.

Card NumberBT1-081Level6
Card TypeDigimonPlay Cost12
ColorGreenEvolution Cost3
Digimon TypeInsectDP10000
AttributeVaccineRaritySuper Rare
StageUltimateArtistNakano Haito
Main Effect<<Piercing>> (During the battle this Digimon attacked, when it destroys an opponent’s Digimon, it checks Security.)
[At the end of its attack] [Twice per turn] By getting -3 Memory, you may make this Digimon Active.
Source Effect

Booster 1 launches in Japan on May 15th, 2020.

From the official Japanese Twitter account, Lilymon’s signature move previously revealed on FUN! DigiCa.

Card NumberBT1-110Level
Card TypeOptionPlay Cost2
ColorGreenEvolution Cost
Digimon TypeDP
Main Effect[Main] Rest 1 of your opponent’s Digimon.
Source Effect[Security] Rest all of your opponent’s Digimon that do not have <<Blocker>>.

Booster 1 launches in Japan on May 15th, 2020.

From the official Japanese Twitter account, Herakle Kabuterimon‘s finishing move in Option Card form.

Card NumberBT1-111Level
Card TypeOptionPlay Cost3
ColorGreenEvolution Cost
Digimon TypeDP
Main Effect[Main] Rest either 1 of your opponent’s Digimon, or 2 of their Digimon with 5000 or less DP.
Security Effect[Security] Activate this card’s [Main] effect.

Booster 1 launches in Japan May 15th, 2020.

A tweet from Card Kingdom’s Kawaguchi branch showing the chain’s ongoing preorder campaign for the Digimon Card Game Booster ver 1.0: NEW EVOLUTION revealed the pack illustration and reconfirmed several details leaked by early retail listings. According to the flyer, the first booster will contain 115 cards: 45 Commons, 30 Uncommons, 28 Rares, 10 Super Rares, and 2 Secret Rares. Described as a set both for longtime Digimon fans and TCG players, the expansion features Omegamon as its cover card and will retail for 189 yen per pack or 4752 yen per box. Every pack will contain 6 cards plus one index card.

NEW EVOLUTION will also introduce a fourth color the game: Green. Comprising Insect and Plant Digimon, the Green color was widely speculated on prior to this–and will likely be where fans find Tentomon and Palmon, the two missing lines from the Adventure: anime series not represented by the first three Starter Decks.

The flyer appears to use a draft version of its first booster pack design, as it’s labeled as containing 10 cards–directly contradicting both the flyer and other retailer information.

Booster ver 1.0: NEW EVOLUTION will launch May 15th, 2020, in Japan.