The latest issue of V Jump magazine, out on the 21st, reveals that Booster Set 4: GREAT LEGEND will include the Spirit Digimon, Agnimon of Digimon Frontier, and feature new Digimon with the «Digiburst» keyword introduced in the next wave of Starter Decks.

This volume of V Jump showcases several of the high-rarity cards from Booster Set 3: UNION IMPACT, including the long-awaited Secret Rare card Imperialdramon: Dragon Mode. This new print of Dragon Mode is a Green counterpart to Blue’s Super Rare from the same set, with a Piercing-focused effect rather than a Jamming one.

Beginning November 27th, Bandai will be running a new promo card campaign in Japan. Players that purchase any two Starter Decks out of ST-4, ST-5, or ST-6, will receive a promo pack containing two cards out of a possible three: Metal Garurumon, Black War Greymon, or Gran Kuwagamon.

Shared by @TechnicalSuwako.

The issue also reveals the full deck lists from the upcoming Starter Decks, Giga Green, Mugen Black, and Venom Violet:

Starter Deck 4: Giga Green

QuantityCard NumberCard NameCard TypeColorLevelPlay CostEvolution CostDPDigimon TypeAttributeStageRarity
2ST4-11Atlur KabuterimonDigimonGreen5InsectVaccinePerfect
2ST4-13Herakle KabuterimonDigimonGreen612412000InsectVaccineUltimate
4ST4-14Izumi KoushirouTamerGreen2
4ST4-15Chikuchiku Bang BangOptionGreen
2ST4-16Mega BlasterOptionGreen

Starter Deck 5: Mugen Black

QuantityCard NumberCard NameCard TypeColorLevelPlay CostEvolution CostDPDigimon TypeAttributeStageRarity
4ST5-02JazamonDigimonBlack3Bird DragonDataChild
4ST5-04Toy AgumonDigimonBlack3PuppetVirusChild
4ST5-07JazardmonDigimonBlack4Machine DragonDataAdult
2ST5-08Dark TyrannomonDigimonBlack4DinosaurVirusAdult
4ST5-09Metal GreymonDigimonBlack5637000CyborgVirusPerfect
4ST5-10Metal TyrannomonDigimonBlack5CyborgVirusPerfect
2ST5-13Blitz GreymonDigimonBlack612412000CyborgVirusUltimate
4ST5-14Yagami TaichiTamerBlack2
4ST5-15Laser EyeOptionBlack
2ST5-16Genocide AttackOptionBlack

Starter Deck 6: Venom Violet

QuantityCard NumberCard NameCard TypeColorLevelPlay CostEvolution CostDPDigimon TypeAttributeStageRarity
4ST6-02Pico DevimonDigimonPurple3Small DevilVirusChild
4ST6-07YoukomonDigimonPurple4Bewitching BeastDataAdult
2ST6-08DevimonDigimonPurple4Fallen AngelVirusAdult
4ST6-09KyukimonDigimonPurple4Bewitching BeastVirusPerfect
4ST6-10Skull SatamonDigimonPurple5UndeadVirusPerfect
2ST6-11Were GarurumonDigimonPurple5737000Beast ManVirusPerfect
2ST6-12Venom VamdemonDigimonPurple6Demon BeastVirusUltimate
2ST6-13Cres GarurumonDigimonPurple612412000Beast KnightDataUltimate
4ST6-14Ishida YamatoTamerPurple2
4ST6-15Death ClawOptionPurple
2ST6-16Nail BoneOptionPurple

Imperialdramon: Dragon Mode (Green)

Card Number BT3-111 Level 6
Card Type Digimon Play Cost 13
Color Green Evolution Cost 5 (Green or Blue)
Digimon Type Ancient Dragon DP 12000
Attribute Virus Rarity Secret Rare
Stage Ultimate Artist sasasi

Main Effect When this card evolves from your hand onto your “Paildramon” or “Dinobeemon”, reduce the Evolution Cost by 2.
«Piercing» (During the battle this Digimon attacked, when it destroys an opponent’s Digimon, it checks Security.)
[During your turn] [Once per turn] When this Digimon destroys an opponent’s Digimon by battle, Activate it.
Source Effect

Booster Set 3: UNION IMPACT will launch in Japan October 30th, 2020. The cards from it will be combined with NEW EVOLUTION and ULTIMATE POWER for the English format, spread across Special Boosters 1.0 and 1.5.

Booster Set 4: GREAT LEGEND will launch in Japan December 18th, 2020. The set does not currently have an English release date.

Starter Decks 4: Giga Green, 5: Mugen Black, and 6: Venom Violet will launch in Japan November 27th, 2020. They do not currently have an English release date.

A leaked sales sheet for the fourth Digimon booster set, GREAT LEGEND, was shared by Malaysian Twitter user Jimi Hiew yesterday. According to the sales sheet, BT-4 will launch December 18th in Japan, and comprise 115 cards: 44 Commons, 30 Uncommons, 26 Rares, 12 Super Rares, and 3 Secret Rares.

The set will feature support for Digimon with “Greymon” in the name, including War Greymon, Shine Greymon, and Victory Greymon—the last of which has yet to get a card in the TCG proper. Unlike past sales sheets, BT-4’s cover art reuses existing card artwork instead of showing new ones. The set’s cover cards both come from BT-2: ULTIMATE POWER.

Like all of the preceding booster sets, it will include alternate-artwork Parallel Tamer Cards as box toppers.