Chinese fan 泽戍绯_Honowo23 posted a leaked page from an upcoming magazine article on the 2020 Digimon TCG to Chinese social media site Weibo, revealing that Booster Set 3: UNION IMPACT will contain cards featuring Goddramon, Saint Galgomon, and Lopmon.

The article highlights that these Digimon were chosen for their popularity, and also restates that UNION IMPACT focuses on Jogress evolutions that can evolve from either of two different colors. Paildramon and Mastemon’s art, previously featured in V Jump magazine, is also reused for the issue, and the article also reconfirms that the set will featuer Digimon with effects that activate when they are revealed from the Security Area.

The bottom of the page contains a small blurb about the ongoing Tamer Battle official tournaments being held at card shops in Japan, and the promo pack participation prize.

The page appears to be from the next issue of Weekly Shounen Jump (out September 7th) which is printed in China and then shipped to Japan. Only a few of Japan’s hobby magazines cover Digimon TCG news at this time: V Jump, Weekly Shounen Jump, and the bi-monthly magazines Saikyou Jump and Card Gamer.