The first formal episode of the new FUN! DigiCa web video series went up today on YouTube, featuring hosts Hideyoshi and Cody explaining the rules of the game in real-time as they played against one another. Beginning with an explanation of the four card types, the two decks the 2020 Digimon Card Game is played with, and the areas and phases making up the game, the episode clarified several important rules and introduced previously-unseen cards.

The match demonstrated several important rulings; if a Digimon is evolves during the Main Phase after having already battled, the new Digimon inherits the Rested position of the Digimon it evolved from. And if multiple Security are to be checked as a result of <<Security Attack +1>> effects, if the first Security destroys or removes the attacker, the rest of the Security are not checked. Furthermore, Digimon cannot skip levels when evolving in general–unlike in the 1999 anime series, there’s no “warp shinka.”

The episode also showed off 3 new cards from the Cocytus Breath Starter Deck: Kaiser Nail, Grizzmon, and Ikkakumon.

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