An introductory video published by the official Digimon Card Game YouTube channel revealed over 25 cards from the first two Starter Decks, including the Yagami Taichi Tamer card and the boss card of Cocytus Blue, Metal Garurumon. The video goes over the basic rules of the 2020 TCG, confirming and elaborating upon what was recently revealed in V Jump magazine.

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Launching April 2020: War Greymon, Metal Garurumon, Angemon starter decks.

“Aim to be the strongest Digimon Tamer with the Digimon TCG!!”

Three years out from shutting down their Appmon collectible card game, Bandai announced the 2020 Digimon Card Game in V Jump magazine. Set for a Spring launch and paired to the new Digimon Adventure series airing at 9 AM Sundays on Fuji TV–the same timeslot the series debuted with in 1999–the new Trading Card Game puts Digimon‘s classic monsters front and center. This TCG appears to be largely unrelated to the franchise’s past Japanese TCGs, with a resource system, “colors” for each Digimon group evocative of Magic: The Gathering and Duel Masters, and a single unified attack power instead of the rock-paper-scissors stat system used in the 1999 Digital Monster Card Game and 2006 Digital Monster Card Game Alpha.

V Jump highlights the illustrations as a major selling point: every card appears to have a custom illustration commissioned just for that card, with no stock art as seen in past games. According to the magazine, players grow their Digimon partner from a Digitama/Digi-Egg all the way up to Ultimate level, and Digimon “inherit the effects” (効果を受け継ぐ) of the cards they evolved from. For example, Agumon has an effect that gives it 2000 additional DP while attacking, and if it evolves to War Greymon, War Greymon will also have Agumon’s effect in addition to its own.

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