The official Japanese Digimon TCG Twitter account published high-quality images of two cards from the game’s first booster set, Booster ver 1.0: NEW EVOLUTION. While Greymon was previously known from the same product page reveal that gave us Kabuterimon, the BT1 print of Agumon is new. These cards have been added to the database.

Card NumberBT1-010Level3
Card TypeDigimonPlay Cost3
ColorRedEvolution Cost0
Digimon TypeReptileDP2000
Main Effect[When placed] Open 5 cards from the top of your deck, add 1 Tamer Card from among them to your hand, and return the rest to the bottom of your deck in any order.
Source Effect

Note that Agumon’s “when placed” effect will not activate when evolving from a Digitama in the Digitama Area; “when placed” only meets its timing when the card is placed into the Battle Area directly. This effect is not color-restricted, so Agumon can grab Ishida Yamato and Takaishi Takeru, in addition to Yagami Taichi.

Card NumberBT1-015Level4
Card TypeDigimonPlay Cost4
ColorRedEvolution Cost2
Digimon TypeDinosaurDP4000
Main Effect
Source Effect [During your turn] It gets +2000 DP.

NEW EVOLUTION will launch in Japan on May 15th, 2020.

Episode 2 of Bandai’s FUN! DigiCa YouTube series displayed the full list of cards included in Starter Deck 1: Gaia Red, including the new Option Card, Giga Destroyer. The deck contains 54 cards rather than the 53 originally announced, including a playset of the deck’s Digitama Card, Koromon.

The most important detail is that each Gaia Red deck will come with only two copies of its Super Rare—meaning to have a full playset of War Greymon, players will need to purchase two Starter Decks. The same likely holds true for the other launch Starter Decks, Cocytus Blue and Heaven’s Yellow.

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