In the 11th episode of Bandai’s FUN! DigiCa YouTube series, Cody plays a mixed Yellow/Red deck of Level 3 and 4 Digimon against Hideyoshi’s mixed Red/Blue Level 5 and 6 deck. Once again, these decks only use cards from the first three starter decks and early promotional cards.

While the match was mostly in Cody’s favor from the start—as he had larger quantities of Memory and many small-cost Digimon to play from Hideyoshi constantly placing higher-cost ones—playing a mixed deck with only one color of Digitama Card prevented him from winning as early as he otherwise could have. On several turns he either had no Digimon in hand that could evolve from Koromon, or he only had Digimon of the wrong color. Being able to evolve Koromon would have effectively won the game then and there, as Hideyoshi’s deck contained no blockers and no way of targeting Digimon in the Raising Area, and a Digimon moved from the Raising Area can attack immediately.