An alleged leaked marketing schedule posted by Japanese fan DigiCa Player outlines the Digimon TCG’s product lineup through November 2020. The schedule lists a fourth Starter Deck for June, the second main booster set for July, a “sub booster” for September, and the third main set for November.

DigiCa Player further stated there would be a free-to-play tutorial app using half-sized Starter Decks. Similar apps have been put out by Bandai’s competitors, like Takara Tomy’s WIXOSS ZUKAN, as gateways into their respective Trading Card Games.

The possibility of a fourth Starter Deck has been a hot topic on social media since the game’s announcement back in January, with the prevailing theory being that it would focus on a fourth color and the Digimon Palmon and Tentomon–who were conspicuously absent from the launch Starter Decks. Every other Starter Deck has featured a combination of two Digimon lines related to the eight Chosen Children from the 2020 Digimon Adventure: anime series, with Agumon and Piyomon in Gaia Red, Gomamon and Garurumon in Cocytus Blue, and Patamon and Tailmon in Heaven’s Yellow. Following the pattern, Tentomon and Palmon would star in a “Giga Green” or “Rose Green.”

Although it’s possible the schedule is accurate, Japan’s prolonged fight with the COVID-19 virus may ultimately delay some of these products. The virus is especially dangerous to Japan’s predominantly-elderly population, and its persistence already threatens to delay the 2020 Olympics. Launching new products during a time period when most players are isolating on the government’s recommendation, and the majority of hobby shops have suspended their local tournaments, could do more harm than good.

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