Bandai announced the first pack of promo cards for the 2020 Digimon Trading Card Game will be available in two methods: either packed in with the Last Evolution Kizuna “Complete Selection Animation” Digivice this June, or distributed with every five packs of the latest Battle Spirits TCG Collaboration Booster, Last Evolution.

A pack opening video by longtime fan Digimomyonyon demonstrates that the promo packs are non-random, with one copy of each card in every pack. The promo cards are all treated with a shear metallic foil that gives their borders a silver gloss effect.

Promotion Pack Ver 0.0’s card list includes:

Promos in a display case on the third floor of Card World Tower Akiba. Japanese card shops have been quick to adopt the Digimon TCG, riding high off of its crossover campaign with the revived Battle Spirits Trading Card Game. Many have opened up preorders and online listings early, in the hopes of building a steady base of return customers from its players.