Bandai relaunched the official Digimon Card Game website with a new design that makes room for product listings, event schedules, and card lists. Although the card list only includes the first pack of promo cards for now, the product pages revealed new cards for the Gaia Red, Cocytus Blue, and Heaven’s Yellow Starter Decks, which have been compiled and translated in our own card database.

Although the event page so far only references the ongoing promo card campaign, in the future it will feature tournament information. More pressingly, the website includes the version 1.0 manual to the game rules. A translated and condensed English version can be found in our How to Play section.

The new design is minimalist but highly animated, and directed more at lower resolution smart devices than home computers. The site is broken up into seven sections: For Beginners, News, Card List, Rules, Events, Movies, and Products. At present most of the content is located in the Product and News sections, with the Events page focused on the Battle Spirits Last Evolution collaboration.