On the fifth episode of Bandai’s FUN! DigiCa YouTube series, hosts Hideyoshi and Cody play a sample match of Cocytus Blue against Gaia Red. The next episode will feature Cody playing Heaven’s Yellow while Hideyoshi continues to use Gaia Red.

(Spoilers for the match follow)

Their game demonstrates the importance of Memory management. Hideyoshi playing Hououmon from hand to the Battle Area early in the game maxed out Cody’s Memory, allowing him to flood the field with multiple evolved Digimon. While Hideyoshi initially took the lead in Security, the resulting Memory imbalance became too great for him to overcome, enabling Cody to set up not just a single Metal Garurumon but multiple additional attacks from lower-level Digimon. Combining Metal Garurumon with Gabumon‘s Source effect allowed Cody to repeatedly remove Evolution Sources from War Greymon, disabling its <<Security Attack +1>> effect and neutralizing much of the threat Hideyoshi posed.

Although Hideyoshi attempted to counterattack against Metal Garurumon on his turn to remove it, and control Cody’s field with Gaia Force, paying another heavy Memory cost enabled Cody to bring out a Metal Garurumon directly from hand. This ultimately resulted in Cody having a field capable of delivering five attacks in a single turn while Hideyoshi only had 2 Security and two blockers remaining; a winning position at endgame.