The sixth episode of Bandai’s FUN! DigiCa video series covered a demonstration of the Heaven’s Yellow Starter Deck against Gaia Red. Following up from the previous episode‘s Cocytus Blue matchup, the series once again had Hideyoshi piloting Gaia Red while Cody took the chance to try something new.

(Spoilers for the match follow)

Once again, Hideyoshi misplayed by giving Cody too much Memory too early, putting Metal Greymon into play immediately on his first turn. This allowed Cody to evolve his starter up to Tailmon and play three copies of Takeru right out the gate, making it all but impossible for Hideyoshi to make effective use of his Metal Greymon because of the guarantee it would be destroyed upon attacking Security. With little to do on his subsequent turns in the face of Cody maximizing his Memory use while giving as little as possible to his opponent, Hideyoshi spent several turns passing. His apparently-poor hand didn’t help any, but rather than put out the lowest-level Digimon he had available and evolve up from there, Hideyoshi attempted to get out multiple higher-level Digimon in his initial turns.

In an attempt to compensate for this, Hideyoshi tried to stall out Cody with multiple copies of Starlight Explosion, but the long game was in Yellow’s favor. Cody eventually established a position where he simply had too many attacks for Hideyoshi to ever realistically defend against, to the point where it was safe for Cody to simply attack into Security during Starlight Explosion and shrug off the loss of his Digimon.