Episode 3 of Bandai’s FUN! DigiCa YouTube series focused on Starter Deck 2: Cocytus Blue, and revealed the full list of cards included in the deck. The deck comprises 54 cards total plus Memory Gauge accessories, including 50 normal cards and 4 Digitama Cards.

Hosts Hideyoshi and Cody went over each of the cards of the deck, explaining their card effects and discussing their use. The full list is transcribed below.

Cocytus Blue Decklist

x4 Tsunomon

x4 Gabumon

x4 Gomamon

x4 Bearmon

x2 Garurumon

x4 Ikkakumon

x4 Grizzmon

x4 Were Garurumon

x4 Zudomon

x2 Metal Garurumon

x2 Plesiomon

x4 Sorrow Blue

x4 Hammer Spark

x2 Kaiser Nail

x2 Cocytus Breath

x4 Ishida Yamato

The next episode will feature Starter Deck 3: Heaven’s Yellow.