The official English Digimon Card Game Facebook page announced today that the English-language versions of the Starter Decks Gaia Red, Cocytus Blue, and Heaven’s Yellow, will each cost $9.99 at retail when they launch early next year. This is roughly double the price of the Japanese Starter Decks, which famously retailed for just 500 yen and were the cheapest decks ever printed in the Japanese market, but to compensate each English deck is bundled with a single Booster Pack of Special Booster 1.0.

Both the Starter Decks and the Special Booster will first be available at a special pre-sale held at select hobby shops in November 2020, while their retail release will be in January 2021. The Special Booster combines cards from the first three booster sets of the Japanese game, NEW EVOLUTION, ULTIMATE POWER, and UNION IMPACT.