The thirteenth episode of Bandai’s FUN! DigiCa YouTube series pits Hideyoshi and Cody against one another in a remote match using decks made from two Gaia Red and two Cocytus Blue decks combined, plus assorted promotional cards. This is their first match with sleeved cards, using the War Greymon and Metal Garurumon sleeves that launched alongside the first Starter Decks. As with the previous episode, this episode was filmed remotely as part of a stay-at-home recommendation from the Japanese government, due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic. Spoilers for the match follow after the cut.

Cody’s deck

Hideyoshi’s deck

The defining turns for this match were War Greymon‘s attacks at the 5:48 and 10:30 marks. While Hideyoshi was able to get off a Cocytus Breath to respond to it, this ultimately didn’t affect Cody much at all because he could immediately evolve the War Greymon that had been bounced back to his hand on the Garudamon he had previously set up. Because it had more Evolution Sources after this evolution than before, it threatened to break 3 Security at once rather than just 2. This forced Hideyoshi to sacrifice his Blocker. Hideyoshi was unable to fish for a permanent counter to War Greymon, or do much to stop his opponent from setting up a large quantity of attacks, resulting in his loss.