Early leaked pages from monthly V Jump magazine reveal two new promotional cards: a Tamer Card featuring Yagami Taichi of the V-Tamer 01 manga, and a Digimon Card of his partner, Zeromaru the V-dramon. (Called “V-dramon Zero” on the card.) The cards will be included in next month’s issue, out May 21st.

V-Tamer 01 remains the longest-running Digimon manga of all time, having started in November 1998 four months before the start of Digimon Adventure and ended in August 2003, one month after Frontier finished. The manga was written by Izawa Hiroshi and illustrated by Yabuno Tenya, who also created the original design for Yagami Taichi later reused by the Adventure anime. Yabuno designed a number of famous Digimon for the manga, including Holy Angemon, Ulforce V-dramon, and Arkadimon.

In Japan there is already a great deal of nostalgia for V-Tamer 01, which also cameoed in and influenced various plot elements of Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth: Hacker’s Memory. The manga was rereleased digitally in Japanese back in 2015, but has never had an official English localization, in part because it was originally created to market the Digital Monster virtual pets—which in 1998 were a national phenomenon riding on the coattails of the ’90s Tamagotchi fad. The Digital Monster v-pets never rose to the same level of popularity outside Japan, and V-Tamer 01 has thus been left to the fan translators.

The promo cards’ effects are not legible based off the available photographs, but some elements are: the Tamer Card is named “Yagami Taichi (Digimon Adventure V-Tamer 01” and has a Play Cost of 2. The Digimon Card is “V-dramon Zero” is Level 4 with 5000 Power and a Play Cost of 6.

This month’s issue of V Jump features the newly-launched Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS, and has an official street day of April 21st.