The ninth episode of Bandai’s FUN! DigiCa YouTube series features Hideyoshi and Cody respectively playing the Cocytus Blue and Heaven’s Yellow Starter Decks, out April 24th. The match is one of the closest—and longest—we’ve seen thus far.

(Spoilers for the match after the cut.)

At the outset Cody seemingly misplayed early, giving Hideyoshi a great amount of Memory by playing Angewomon directly from his hand, causing Hideyoshi’s copy of Ishida Yamato to meet its timing and increase his Memory even further. Hideyoshi used this opportunity to evolve his Gomamon up to Grizzmon and then Were Garurumon, taking a Security off of Cody and then evolving up to Metal Garurumon to end his turn. However, Cody was able to turn this in his favor by using two copies of Heaven’s Gate to power up Angewomon to 13000 DP, enough that she could snipe Metal Garurumon and transform that turn into a positive exchange.

However, Hideyoshi was far from out of the game. Yamato kept giving him extra Memory every turn, supported by Zudomon removing Cody’s Evolution Sources, enabling Hideyoshi to work his way up to the kind of huge field that could overwhelm Yellow. A fortunate Plesiomon Security Check by Hideyoshi removed Cody’s Holydramon before it could do much at all, but with Angewomon to recover Security, Unimon to block, Takaishi Takeru to power up his Security Digimon and Seven Heavens to snipe Hideyoshi’s strongest cards, Cody was able to build up to a favorable position that required Hideyoshi to make his field based on quantity rather than quality.

Hideyoshi responded by strategically attacking Cody’s attackers and returning his blocker to his hand with Cocytus Breath, and getting out five attackers that could threaten to edge Cody into a loss. This obligated Cody to find ways to go after Hideyoshi’s field using Option Cards to reduce the total number of attacks, preventing him on focusing on his win condition; but a Seven Heavens Security Check eliminated Hideyoshi’s blocker, seemingly putting Cody in a position to win in two turns–until Hideyoshi himself Security Checked a Cocytus Breath that reversed the situation. Cody attempted to protect himself by preemptively playing Unimon at the end of his final turn, but Hideyoshi responded with Sorrow Blue to prevent it from blocking, sealing the endgame as it became impossible for Cody to do anything more to defend.

This episode demonstrated the closeness of the mono-Yellow/mono-Blue matchup, as powerful Security Checks and the inherent characteristics of each color continually reversed the momentum of the game throughout. The next episode will feature Hideyoshi and Cody dueling with mixed-color decks.