Card NumberBT3-099Level
Card TypeOptionPlay Cost2
ColorBlueEvolution Cost
Digimon TypeDP
Main Effect[Main] During this turn, neither player’s Digimon are destroyed by battle.
Security Effect[Security] Add this card to your hand.

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  • This card is a remake of the 1999 Digital Monster Card Game card, “Let’s Stop Fighting.” Let’s Stop Fighting was a somewhat infamous deck staple in Japan, because it forced battles to end in a draw, damaging both players; competitive play early in the game’s life often revolved around using your own LSF to burn both players after taking a small lead, or trying to negate the opponent’s LSF by some means in order to win a battle. As a result, Japanese Digimon players have a particular nostalgia for it, similar to how Yu-Gi-Oh! players remember Mirror Force.