Today Bandai launched a new irregular YouTube series titled FUN! DigiCa. Hosted by “Hideyoshi of the Enjoy Club” and “Cody of the Strategy Club,” this episode 0 introduced the main purpose of FUN! DigiCa: featuring information on the upcoming Digimon Card Game.

According to the hosts themselves, Cody is a longtime card game player who enjoys deckbuilding, while Hideyoshi has been a fan of Digimon ever since he was a child. Their personalities seemingly reflect Bandai’s marketing strategy with the first booster set, which in promotional copy explicitly targets both Digimon fans and hardcore card gamers.

In today’s “Pick Up! DigiCa Corner” the hosts discussed the first pack of promotional cards, V Jump promo cards, and the 500-yen Starter Decks launching in late April, contemplating buying all three for themselves. They reconfirmed the sets will feature 54 cards each, and 16 kinds of cards in each deck. The next episode will feature a battle between Hideyoshi and Cody to explain the game rules, and will air tomorrow.